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River Runs Through It – Upcycled Earrings

Beautiful upcycled earrings, handcrafted in the Sea to Sky, British Columbia from recycled bike inner tubes. With a Sterling Silver Fish Hook. All pieces are unique.

These products are unique and handcrafted, the exact piece may vary slightly in size, shape, decorations and markings from the items photographed.

Size (approx.): 1″ (w) x 2.5″ (l)

Mild to severe allergic reactions may occur as a result of sensitive skin contacting the metals and finishes used in making our jewelry. Heat and sweat may also accelerate discomfort. We will not be held liable for allergic reactions of any kind which occur as a result of wearing our jewelry. Please be aware of your allergies and sensitivities before making a purchase. All sales are final. 

Connect with us if you have any questions on our upcycled earrings, or follow us on Instagram @toastwhistler
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